Welcome to The Tiger Town Store!   If your building, classroom, organization, club, etc. is interested in having a "Smithton" product to promote our school community the Tiger Team Store is the best way to help us to do so.

In the 2017-18 school year the Tiger Town Store opened its doors and is an important part of our Vocational Business program.    Among the other pursuits of the classes associated with the store these students have 2 objectives:

  • to market/promote our new logo
  • to help people and organizations use our logo according to the guidelines and build relationships with vendors in order to find the best prices and best quality products available.   This group is doing a fantastic job with these two objectives. 

Therefore, we urge everyone to utilize the talents and challenge the business skills of our students in the Vocational Business program by going through them for all of your "Smithton" gear.    They will be able to determine whether or not a design meets our branding guidelines and will be able to find the best product and the lowest price.    In other words, they will do the work for your group or organization and in turn learn valuable business skills in class using real world relationships with vendors.    For further information please contact the tiger Town store at wirtt@smithton.k12.mo.usor call (660) 343 5316 ext. 508.   Thank you for helping us promote our school logo and advance our students opportunities.