Standard Complaint Resolution Procedure

For Improving America’s Schools Act Programs

This complaint resolution procedure applies to all programs administered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education under the goals 2000 Educate America Act and the Improving America’s Schools Act (IASA)

A complaint is a formal allegation that a specific federal or state law or regulation has been violated, misapplied, or misinterpreted by school district personnel or by Department of Education personnel.

Any parent or guardian, surrogate parent, teacher, administrator, school board member, or other person directly involved with an activity, program, or project operated under the general supervision of the Department may file a complaint. Such a complaint must be in writing and signed; it will provide specific details of the situation and indicate the law or regulation that is allegedly being violated, misapplied, or misinterpreted.

The written, signed complaint must be filed and the resolution pursued in accordance with local district policy:


Any parent, other individual, or organization alleging a violation of state or federal laws, rules, or regulations or an approved application by the School District in the administration of Title 1 shall file with the Superintendent of Schools a written complaint containing the specific nature of the alleged violation. The Superintendent of Schools shall cause a review of the written complaint to be conducted a written response mailed to the complainant within 10 working days after receipt of the written complaint. A copy of the written complaint and the Superintendent’s response shall be provided to each member of the Board of Education. If complainant is not satisfied with such response, he or she may submit a written appeal to the Board of Education indicating with particularity the nature of disagreement with the response and his/her reasons underlying such disagreement.

The Board of Education shall consider the appeal at its regularly scheduled board meeting following receipt of the response. The Board of Education shall permit the complainant to address the board in public or closed session, as appropriate and lawful, concerning his/her complaint and shall provide the complainant with its written decision in the matter as expeditiously as possible following completion of the hearing.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the action taken by the Board of Education, a written notice stating the reasons for dissatisfaction shall be filed within fifteen working days following resolution of complaint by the Board of Education with the state director of Title 1. The state director of Title 1 will initiate an investigation, determine the facts relating to the complaint and issue notice of his findings to the Board of Education and the complainant. If the findings support the allegations of the complainant, the Board of Education will be requested to take corrective action. If the findings support actions taken by the Board of Education, the board’s action will stand.

If the issue cannot be resolved at the local level, the complainant may file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Education. If there is no evidence that the parties have attempted in good faith to resolve the complaint at the local level, the Department may require the parties to do so and may provide technical assistance to facilitate such resolution.

Any persons directly affected by the actions of the Department may file a similarly written complaint if they believe state or federal laws or regulations have been violated, misapplied, or misinterpreted by the Department itself.

Anyone wishing more information about this procedure of how complaints are resolved may contact local district or Department personnel.