We wanted to share some information about our school closure due to an extended power outage on Monday, October 5, 2020.   We received an apology from our power provider and we are including a brief summary of the event below:

Around 2:00 am  Monday morning we had a power failure at the school.  This was due to scheduled maintenance in the area and was to last approximately 4 hours, or until around 5:00 am.    At 5:00 am the power was still out on the entire campus.  Around 5:30 am we received notification that the planned outage was expected to end by 7:15 am.   Preparation for some of our daily programs, including food service, begins well before 7:15 am.   It would  be possible to  have a 2 hour delayed start if we could get confirmation .  After calling our power provider and speaking with a company representative we were unable to gain any confidence in the estimated restoration time of 7:15 am or any other  time throughout the day.   Knowing that it is difficult  to make decisions based on estimates and finding it difficult to speak with someone who could offer any  more reassurance, we felt forced to make a decision that we did not want to make. 

We appreciate everyone's understanding and apologize for the loss of a school day in a year where school days are hard to come by.