Middle School

Dear Smithton Middle School Families,

I am very excited to announce we are beginning our first school year as an official middle school. I am honored to be working officially in the capacity of middle school principal. Having this new designation allows us to work within our own identity and make decision on policies and procedures based on a middle school concept. It also gives us the chance to narrow our focus to base instruction and interventions on strictly middle school students. I’m very excited for this opportunity to grow and develop into a high achieving middle school.

Our car rider dismissal process has changed. Instead of lining up behind the buses, cars will line up in a single-file line on COOMBS STREET (beside the playground/practice field) headed WEST. The first car in line should stop at the gate as that is where the students will be loaded. We will begin dismissing car riders at approximately 2:55 PM.

The process of loading students on the bus will be the same. Please stay in your car and our staff will assist your child into your vehicle. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. As in the past, for the safety of our walkers, students that walk home will be dismissed after the car riders exit either the High School or the Elementary School doors (depending on where they live). Older siblings that walk their younger sibling home will meet them at the appropriate door to walk home (either the High School door or the Elementary School door).

Once again, I’m very excited to be your principal this year. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Every new school year brings excitement and nervousness. We are here to make this a great place to learn. As a staff we are committed to the philosophy that every student can achieve at a high level. With your help, we will make this a great a school!!

Yours in Education,

Brandon Wallace