Mrs. Apsher Awarded the September Smithton Sizzle Award!

The winner of the September 2019 Smithton Sizzle Award goes to Mrs. Apsher!


I chose Nita Apsher as the Sizzle Award recipient for September of 2019.  I cannot think of a more dedicated, caring individual in which to present this award.  She handles herself with professionalism at all times during the day, no matter how stressful the situation may be.  Nita always has the best interests of the students at heart.  I consider her to be a person of character.

Tamara Lemons

Nita is extremely deserving of the sizzle award for a multitude of reasons. She is one of the most dedicated, sweetest, and down to earth teachers. She is extremely nurturing and keeps a positive attitude when working with the students/preschoolers. She has a calmness to her that is contagious. Being new to the school last year I was super nervous about making connections but overtime Nita became my "school mom" always taking care of me and helping me with, well, everything and anything. She is always willing to help others in any way she can. We are blessed to have Nita on our staff and part of our Smithton family.

Courtney Greer

The definition of kind-hearted is: sympathetic, kind, generous, helpful, tender, humane, compassionate, gracious, amicable, considerate, altruistic and good-natured.  I think these words describe Mrs. Apsher to a tee!  

I have had the privilege of working with Mrs. Apsher for the past 13 years, both as a colleague and as a parent.  She is the living definition of "kind-hearted" and any student that has been in her classroom would certainly agree!

I feel very fortunate to have Mrs. Apsher as a colleague, but I feel both honored and blessed to have her as a friend!  Congratulations Mrs. Apsher, you truly deserve this award.

 Mrs. Cindy Thompson  

Nita is a wonderful and amazing teacher.  She always put so much heart and thought into her students and classroom.  Nita puts in so many hours to ensure her students are getting the most out of her lessons.  She also has such a big heart and always has a smile on her face and such a kind voice.  Not only is she an amazing teacher, but also co-worker.  Nita would do anything to help anyone!

 Ms. Amanda Kenyon